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Few things affect a customer as much as their first impression of a product. Having a strong, thoughtful user experience (UX) in your enterprise application will not only improve your business objectives, but it will also give your users a clean experience that they will enjoy and remember. Your customers will come to associate a delightful experience with your products and develop loyalty to your brand. A happy customer doesn’t shop around among your competitors. They don’t file support tickets. They simply use your product because it enables them to do their work. A better UX will always lead to more engagement from your customers and a larger customer lifetime value for your business.

Enterprise Software UX Design

In the enterprise software industry, UX design is a critical aspect of any successful product. Enterprise applications frequently deal in greater complexity and scale than consumer software. Because of this, it can be even harder to build software that both builds empathy with customers and solves business needs. These challenges necessitate the importance of a strong UX vision that balances the user and their needs with business goals and requirements.

Whether a product is used to edit ten records or ten million, whether it’s a single application or a platform for an entire suite - a poor design will confuse users, lead to errors, and risk stunting the product’s growth in the future. Beginning with a strong UX foundation will ensure that the design will scale to accommodate future features and that even the most complex interactions will feel second nature to the customer.

Why Develop with SitePen

At SitePen, we believe that quality is the single most important aspect of any project we undertake. Our commitment to delivering clean, elegant user experiences is a critical aspect to our approach to software design.

You will start to experience this as soon as you reach out to us. Our Sales and Project Management teams work with you to understand your goals and expectations, identifying the characteristics that have the most significant influence on the application's design.

Our design team will then develop the solution with these goals in mind. Through the use of wireframes, rapid prototyping, and visual UI design, they will create a solution that will enhance your user’s experience and will also scale easily into the future. Whether working directly with your team or SitePen’s own engineers, they will prepare production-ready assets and work with developers to see the work through to implementation.

UX Design Services

User experience design embodies several disciplines that all work together towards a single finished product. To your users and customers, it’s just the product they see. But to our designers, it’s a combination of visual design, storyboarding, research, and user testing that leads to that seamless user experience.

Wireframes and Prototypes

One of the greatest benefits to prioritizing the design process of your application is the ability to quickly explore solutions without the overhead of development costs and timelines. By utilizing wireframes, prototypes, and other low-fidelity methods, our designers will quickly iterate through different ideas and solutions. Rather than trying to imagine the product, you’ll be able to click through actual prototype screens and get an idea of the final user experience.

By taking this approach, it’s easy to find the perfect solution that feels right for your customers as well as for the needs of your business. This enables you to move forward into development with the confidence that you’re building the right product and that you’ll have happy customers who love using it.

User Research

Prototyping goes hand in hand with user research. You may have a strong vision for your product’s design, but there is nothing better than getting feedback first hand from your customers. This can be incorporated into any stage of the design and development process, but is a huge benefit in the early stages. User research can validate your ideas as well as expose unforeseen challenges to delivering a holistic user experience. Our UX designers are experts at presenting their designs to users and letting them get direct experience with the solution.

Our team will engage users to get vital feedback about their expectations and needs. This is a great way to surface user requirements that aren’t necessarily found in the core objectives but will make a lasting impact on the UX of the product. By incorporating the user into the design process, you ensure that your product will deliver real value to them.

UI Design

User interface design (sometimes referred to as user interaction design) applies to a product’s visual look and feel. Once an application has a solidified user journey and flow, UI design is used to create a clear visual language for the user to understand. They will be able to clearly distinguish navigation elements, forms, inputs, and other controls in the design, and understand how to interact with those elements.

This step is a crucial part of a well designed product, because it delivers consistency to the user and gives them visual cues to help them distinguish between interactive elements and ordinary content.

SitePen’s designers are experts at hand crafting interfaces that not only match the visual style of your brand and business, but that are also clear and intuitive to your customers. We focus on consistency to make implementation easy for developers and the entire experience familiar to the end user.

Enterprise Industry Expertise

Among SitePen's greatest strengths is its wide-ranging experience across multiple industries. We have worked with some of the largest names in multiple markets with each engagement serving to refine our ability to address each enterprise's individual needs.

Technologies We Use

SitePen utilizes the best leading-edge technology for our design process. We have in-depth experience with industry standard applications such as Sketch, Figma, and the Adobe Suite. Our abilities are not limited to mockups and static screenshots, but also incorporate clickable prototypes built with InVision, Framer, Axure, and Figma. We leverage existing design libraries and design systems such as Google’s Material Design and Bootstrap, and we are experts at developing custom systems ourselves. Whatever the need, we have experience with the right tools and technology to deliver fast and beautiful results for your project.

Choosing the Right UX Design Company

Choosing your design partner can be a critical part of your project’s success. Too many teams lack the experience to know what to look for in a UX design company. It’s important that you find someone who not only has a great portfolio, but also demonstrates that they can solve hard visual problems. A strong design team will challenge your ideas and show you new ways to approach your product.

The designers at SitePen have comprehensive experience solving tough challenges. We’ve worked closely with enterprise companies to build tools for their internal teams as well as their external customers that are engaging, intuitive, and easy to use. We bring experience, speed, and agility to the design process.

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Enterprise UX Design FAQs

How Does UX Impact Software?

UX can shape the way your users interact with your product. If things aren’t intuitive and easy, users will be reluctant to engage and may even abandon your application entirely. Building easy to use software is a core requirement of keeping your users happy and ensuring the success of your product.

Should I Care About My UX Design?

Yes. UX design is something that is easy to disregard as a “nice to have, but not necessary” aspect of your business. But to your customers, the UX is something that will encapsulate the entire product. If you cut corners or don’t make UX design a priority, you will likely be left with a diminishing user base and plenty of unhappy customers. Building with the user in mind will ensure that your application stays relevant and continues to provide real value to your customers.

What is the Difference Between UI and UX?

User experience design (UX design) is a broad term used to describe how the user engages and interacts with a piece of software. It incorporates many things, including user research, prototyping, user stories, and the general flow of the application. User interface design (UI design) is the portion of design that is focused on the visual look and feel of the application. Many times these terms are used interchangeably, but UI design is only a piece of the broader UX design process.

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