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Depending on the type of business you own, web application development can be one of the most powerful components of your software ecosystem. Web apps are used for a number of different businesses from construction lenders to social networking applications, and can help enhance business productivity, increase customer engagement, or allow businesses to deploy innovative ideas into entirely new markets.

Web applications are run completely within a web browser like Chrome, Firefox and Safari with a backend service running on a web server. Modern advancements in browser technologies, along with consistent improvements in computing devices, internet bandwidth and security standards have allowed web apps to evolve to replace clunky and dated desktop applications.

The advantage of web applications is that they are ubiquitous, accessible across many devices with the only requirement being a web browser. This allows companies to provide the maximum outreach and the least amount of friction for customers to interact with their brand, product and services. And with the advent and increasing adoption of Progressive Web Apps (PWAs), companies are now provided with even more capabilities to meet the needs of their users and business operations.

A good web application development company will be able to advise and know how to best execute a web application so that it can run efficiently across multiple browser environments, both on and offline.

How Are Web Applications Developed?

Web applications are developed by companies that specialize in web app development services. Initially, a web app development company will consult with its client to understand the product requirements and develop a specifications document such as a product requirements document, scoping document or wireframe. Significantly important to this process is the careful consideration around the user interface, as all web apps require an intuitive interface layer to enable simplified interaction with the user.

From there both the web developer and the client can mutually agree on the functionality of the product where it is then architected by a web app development team into its discrete components such as front end, APIs, and data model. Related to this process would be choosing an appropriate cloud services platform provider such as Amazon Web Services, and designing the infrastructure to host the application.

The web app is then built by these teams under the direction of a project manager and a technical lead. The client will have the opportunity to provide feedback, input and direction throughout this entire process.

Typically, a web application will be available for internal and client testing before being deployed to "production" or the live environment for public visibility. After this, the web app can continue to be enhanced, iterated upon, or otherwise maintained and supported as it sees use with a client's customer base.

How Long Does It Take to Develop A Web Application?

Web application development can vary in timeframe from a few weeks to over a year, depending on the complexity of an application. Enterprise systems with complex functionality spread across multiple disciplines, departments and product features may evolve over the course of years.

The reality is that most web apps are developed in a timeframe somewhere in between these two with most minimum viable web applications taking only a few months to build.

A brief discussion with SitePen about your project can help us to determine a rough range of the time in which you should expect the entire design and development process to take. We have worked to build large-scale enterprise applications and web apps for startups alike and have a good idea of the time requirements for projects of all sizes. Our full-service team has the capability to take your idea from concept to reality in the shortest time possible.

Technologies We Use

SitePen builds adaptable, performant and highly-scalable web applications using a suite of modern development frameworks. We have core expertise in JavaScript and TypeScript and utilize these web frameworks and the extended JavaScript ecosystem to deliver software excellence to our clients. With SitePen as your partner, you can be confident that we will create a well-designed and a sustainable web application the right way on the first go.

Javascript-based languages have the benefit of being able to be deployed from web applications to mobile applications and even desktop applications. This approach allows us to use a web-centric development language to build even the most complex and robust web applications, while being adaptable across multiple platforms, ensuring future proofing and the best possible uptake by your customer.

Below are just a few examples of frameworks and languages we use:

  • React
  • Vue
  • Node
  • TypeScript
  • Angular
  • Dojo

As an expert in web app development services, we believe we can use these languages to build just about every imaginable type of web app. Our collection of expertise allows us to leverage these frameworks to build both front-end solutions as well as the backend infrastructure that powers them. We are thought leaders in web app development, cross platform app development and cloud platform development services, and can provide our technical expertise to you at any point in the product and software development lifecycles.

Why Develop with SitePen

SitePen is a leading web app development company based in the USA. We have expertise in providing web app development services and have been helping our customers develop software over the past 20 years.

Web app development is not just about writing software code, we also focus considerable effort in the user interface, meaning we utilize our team of designers to sit down with your company and walk through the best approach in turning your idea, or business objective into a meaningful design. Design is a key component of web application development.

We can provide our development solutions to enterprise clients and small businesses, alike. We've executed high performing software solutions for clients like Fannie Mae, and Marriott International, and have developed award-winning products for countless small businesses and startups. As an experienced team we have a formal design, development and testing process and utilize best practices in project management and software development. We are experts in Agile Project Management, allowing us to work closely with our clients to ideate, iterate, and build in a seamless and collaborative process.

We offer a quick turnaround on quotes, and provide some of the most competitive rates and prices in our market. While other companies utilize bulky, and dated software languages, SitePen operates entirely within a lean ecosystem of light client but highly robust frameworks.

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