Dojo Core: The Essentials

| 8:00am - 12:00pm PT
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About this workshop

Learn the basics of how to use the Dojo Toolkit and its core APIs to effectively build and enhance websites and applications in this online workshop. Our hands-on approach mixes lecture from experienced Dojo committers, a library of reference material, live code examples, and activities to apply what you learn as we go.

By the end of this workshop, you will understand how to use Dojo’s core APIs, know where and when to employ Dojo, and have a basic understanding that can be built upon through additional experience or training. This workshop is a great first step for beginners wanting to learn about Dojo.


Workshops focus on the latest Dojo 1.10 APIs, though some core concepts can apply to older Dojo versions as well. The following Dojo topics will be discussed during this intense two-day workshop:

  • Getting Started. Learn the basics of getting Dojo running on a page, setting options, and loading AMD modules.
  • Language Utilities. Use hitch, string substitution, and array utilities to improve working with JavaScript.
  • Dojo's DOM APIs. Discover the variety of methods Dojo provides for manipulating the DOM.
  • Events. Use the powerful dojo/on module to efficiently handle events in the DOM.
  • Topics. Understand Dojo's publish/subscribe system and when to use it.
  • Ajax, Deferreds, and Promises. Recognize common XHR patterns, and learn the basics of the dojo/request API. Learn how to master the simplicity of asynchronous programming with dojo/Deferred.
  • Class-like objects with Declare. Learn the fundamental principles behind dojo/_base/declare, including base classes, mixins, and inheritance.
  • Stores. Survey the basic dojo/store APIs including get, getIdentity, query, add, put, and remove, as well as the stores included in the Dojo Toolkit such as Memory and JsonRest. Also get introduced to the new dstore API.
  • Feature Detection. Use the dojo/has API for Feature Detection and UA sniffing, with included and self-created tests.
  • Building Packages. Recognize the importance of builds, and learn how to create one using the Dojo Toolkit.
  • Conclusion. A quick summary comparing and contrasting key fundamental APIs.
  • Getting Involved. Learn about the Dojo Foundation, the community around it, and how to contribute to the Dojo Toolkit.

Who will benefit from this workshop?

Developers who have basic experience with HTML & CSS and have written enough JavaScript to understand what makes it unique and what makes a library like Dojo useful.

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What our students say

This workshop helped me to go from a Zero to a Dojo Hero in 5 days. Amazing! Benjamin B.

An amazing way to learn JavaScript

Learn from committers

Our instructors aren’t simply professional speakers, they’re also real Dojo developers that can answer tough questions and provide you with in-depth knowledge that only comes from experience writing actual applications.

Code as you learn

Live code throughout each section provides insight into what actually happens when APIs are used, and activities at the end of each topic solidify your knowledge by letting you go hands-on with code.

Ask your questions

When you attend a SitePen workshop, you’ll be able to ask questions directly to the instructor or get help through our online chat during the training.

Keep the resource kit

After taking one of our workshops, we want to make sure you’re set up to succeed. That’s why you get to keep a copy of the slides, code samples, and activities from your training as reference for when you begin applying your new knowledge to real projects.

Prerequisites & FAQs

What you should know already

  • HTML, including an understanding of commonly used markup (divs, anchors, lists, etc.)
  • CSS fundamentals, including an understanding of simple CSS selectors
  • JavaScript fundamentals, including an understanding of basic syntax, variables, and functions
  • A basic understanding of the DOM is a plus

Technical preparations

  • The latest Firefox or Google Chrome on your laptop
  • GoToMeeting application so that you can join the meeting
  • Your IDE or code editor of choice—whatever you're comfortable with, but something more than just Notepad, WordPad or TextEdit
  • The workshop materials, installed as per the instructions received after registration

Who's the instructor?

We have a talented group of Dojo committers that teach our workshops. The actual instructor is determined based on our schedule of public and private workshops. Think of our planning process as something like air traffic control for a relatively small airport.

We’re all full for this one but we still want to see you!

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