ES6 & TypeScript for the Enterprise Developer

Two day workshop

About this workshop

With ECMAScript 6+ and TypeScript 2, the JavaScript world is changing rapidly. These technologies are fundamentally improving the approach to JavaScript and the patterns available to the enterprise developer. Whether you want to further understand the goals and impact of ES6+ or are evaluating adoption of TypeScript, we want to help you on the journey of building exceptional web applications.

Our experience in shaping features of the ES6+ language and TypeScript, incorporating these technologies into our customer's applications and our adoption of both for all of our open source initiatives make us well-versed and well positioned to pass that knowledge onto you.

In this workshop, we will cover both the most useful features of ES6+, as well as additional productivity enhancements offered by TypeScript, to make JavaScript even more useful in your development efforts.

Our hands-on approach mixes lecture from experienced JavaScript engineers, a library of reference material, live code examples, and in-class activities to apply what you learn as we go.


  • ES6 Syntax. Useful syntax of ES6, like lambda/arrow functions, spread operators, destructuring arrays and lots more
  • ES6 APIs. New array methods, new object methods, operators, iterators, maps, sets and more
  • ES6 Promises. How to manage async efficiently
  • ES6 Modules. How ES6 modules work and how they relate to CommonJS and AMD
  • Advanced ES6. Classes, proxies and more...
  • TypeScript Syntax. The basics of how TypeScript extends JavaScript
  • Working with Types. How making JavaScript type safe improves your productivity and the quality of your code
  • Working with Interfaces. How you can better express how your APIs can be consumed
  • Advanced TypeScript. Classes, generics, ambient declarations, decorators and more...
  • Integrating TypeScript with JavaScript. How to efficiently integrate JavaScript libraries within TypeScript projects
  • Development Environment. How to get enabled to start writing ES6 and TypeScript
  • Toolchain. Using TypeScript, Babel and other tools to allow you to generate code for ES5 environments
  • Debugging. Strategies and tools to make it easier to debug your code
  • Testing. How to use Intern to test your ES6+ and TypeScript code

Who will benefit from this workshop?

Developers who are familiar with the fundamentals of JavaScript and want a very efficient and detailed understanding of ES6 and TypeScript best practices. Whether you are assessing adoption of ES6 or TypeScript, or you are considering working on a project that requires experience with ES6 or TypeScript, you can benefit from this workshop.

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An amazing way to learn JavaScript

Learn from committers

Our instructors aren’t simply professional speakers, they’re also real Dojo developers that can answer tough questions and provide you with in-depth knowledge that only comes from experience writing actual applications.

Code as you learn

Live code throughout each section provides insight into what actually happens when APIs are used, and activities at the end of each topic solidify your knowledge by letting you go hands-on with code.

Ask your questions

When you attend a SitePen workshop, you’ll be able to ask questions directly to the instructor or get help through our online chat during the training.

Keep the resource kit

After taking one of our workshops, we want to make sure you’re set up to succeed. That’s why you get to keep a copy of the slides, code samples, and activities from your training as reference for when you begin applying your new knowledge to real projects.

Prerequisites & FAQs

What you should know already

Before taking this workshop, we recommend that all attendees Take our JavaScript 101 workshop. If you have not, you should instead feel comfortable with all the materials listed in the JavaScript 101 agenda.

Technical preparations

  • The latest Firefox or Google Chrome on your laptop
  • GoToMeeting application so that you can join the meeting (if online)
  • Your IDE or code editor of choice—whatever you're comfortable with, but something more than just Notepad, WordPad or TextEdit
  • The workshop materials, installed as per the instructions received after registration

Who's the instructor?

We have a talented group of Dojo committers that teach our workshops. The actual instructor is determined based on our schedule of public and private workshops. Think of our planning process as something like air traffic control for a relatively small airport.

Where's the venue?

We confirm the venue, and the workshop itself, 30 days in advance. We will send this information to all registered attendees. We are open to suggestions, requests to host a public workshop at your location, etc. Sadly, if we do not have enough registered attendees 30 days in advance, we may cancel a workshop. In this case, you may either apply your payment to another workshop location, or receive a full refund.

Interested in scheduling a private workshop?

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