About Us

SitePen is a leading strategic consultancy based in the USA. Our company is committed to achieving technical objectives, solving critical business problems, and helping our customers build web applications the right way, the first time.

With nearly two decades of experience developing software, we believe the Enterprise has more opportunities than ever to gain efficiencies across the organization, given the acceptance and adoption of new approaches to technology, lean process, and the evolving open web. We are ready to help your organization realize its potential and achieve desired and predictable results.

Our Philosophy

Our people are our success. We bring together the expertise and experience of talented professionals who are born to solve problems, move with purpose, and develop elegant, pragmatic solutions to every challenge. To attract and retain these amazing people, we strive to uphold three core values:

  • Knowledge

    Our continuous focus on learning, research, and experimentation allows us to hone all aspects of our approach to lean application development.

  • Respect

    We nurture a team culture that promotes a healthy, sustainable work-life balance, one that is always supportive and respectful of everyone with whom we interact.

  • Integrity

    We never price an engagement to win business. We strive to sell our services in a way that balances honesty and effort with the exceptional capabilities of our team.

Whether you need a phased approach to modernizing your apps, tools and teams or are building a brand-new product, we are proud to offer true enterprise expertise, industry leadership, a great customer experience, predictability and dedicated partnership to help you reach your goals and take on the next ones.

We'd love to hear from you!

Whether you need help with a current or upcoming project, initial advice and consultation, or just want to introduce yourself.

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