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We are lifelong advocates of open source software and have harnessed its benefits since the early days of JavaScript. We bring engineers from around the world together to collaborate, create and contribute so that better tools may continue to flourish — in the open. Here are some of the open source projects that we contribute to and support:

Dojo Framework

A modern, reactive TypeScript framework for building robust, enterprise-grade web applications.

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An all-in-one solution for full-lifecycle testing of JavaScript and TypeScript applications in Node and modern browsers.

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A comprehensive, responsive, and modular data grid. Performant, scalable and embeddable within any application or framework including React and Angular.

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Dojo Toolkit

A full-featured JavaScript toolkit focused on the enterprise, supporting modern and legacy browsers and applications since 2004.

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A typed superset of JavaScript that compiles to plain JavaScript. Works with any browser, any host, any OS, and is fully open source.

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Whether you need help with a current or upcoming project, initial advice and consultation, or just want to introduce yourself.

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